New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick today demanded that the US take action in the Armenian-Azerbaijani dispute, CBC Bostonreports.

Reporters at Belichick’s Wednesday morning press conference asked him for his reaction to a memo from acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller invoking the coach’s “Do Your Job” slogan.

“Well, I really appreciate the kind words from Secretary Miller,” Belichick said. “When you consider the type of leadership that he’s shown throughout his career serving our country, it really means a lot. I’m flattered by the reference that he made.”

Belichick then used the opportunity to speak out in favor of the United States taking action against Turkey for supporting Azerbaijan’s attacks on .

“I’ll just say, while we’re on the subject, I read his point about combating traditional threats. And I couldn’t help but think and hope that we’ve seen from other countries around the world, and I hope that our country will take action against Turkey and Azerbaijan for their unprovoked and deadly attacks on Armenians,” Belichick said.

“We’ve seen that when a humanitarian crisis and things like that, like ethnic cleaning, go unpunished, that they just continue to happen. I hope that we can put a stop to that,” the coach added.

Belichick has weighed in on Armenian politics before, making similar comments in a video posted to Patriots director of football Berj Najarian’s Instagram profile in October.

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