“Golden boy” of the Armenian football: why Manucharyan completed his career

YEREVAN, 7 August – Sputnik, Khachik Chakhoyan. Thirty-year-old Edgar Manucharyan announced the completion of his football career and the transition to coaching.

Manucharyan 53 times took the field in the shirt of the national team of Armenia, being the author of 9 goals. Defended the colors of clubs of different European countries.

In an interview with Sputnik Armenia Edgar Manucharyan told about his sports successes and failures.

© Sputnik / Andranik Ghazaryan
Edgar Manucharyan before the presentation of the new composition of the metro with the symbol of EURO (26 April 2019).

Promising start of career

Edgar was only 15 when he made his debut in the highest League of the championship of in the “Pyunik”. Almost everyone was talking about the great talent of Manucharyan and that he has a bright future. In the 17 years he has played in teams to 17, to 19, under 21 and national team. It was a phenomenal result for a young player, not having analogs in domestic football.

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“I can withstand this load. But once played, it means that the coaches trusted me. Later, these pressures made themselves felt in the form of frequent injuries. In Europe, 15-16-year old players don’t spend 90 minutes on the field each week. They are prepared to heavy loads gradually,” says Edgar.

Unforgettable moments of joy and frustration

With Manucharyan connected high hopes. In the composition of the Armenian national team he played just 53 of the match, but could, and more if…

“My biggest disappointment about the game in our team. Speaking for the national team, I would often get injured. The people did not believe me they thought that I’m malingering. Distrust has become one of the bitter disappointments of my career. Can’t imagine a football player who would play for the national team and he didn’t want to help his team. I definitely could bring the team much more if not for injury. They’re two or three years, could not play for the national team in full force,” – said Manucharyan.

© Sputnik / Igor Russak
The Player Of “Ural” Edgar Manucharyan

The player admitted that he had experienced the feeling in 2005, when the team of Armenia of up to 19 years overcame all the qualifying stages and made it to the final of the Junior European championship.

Bitter disappointment

The decision to finish his football career did not come easy. After 18 years in professional football “Golden boy” (so called Manucharian at the beginning of the football way) Armenian football decided to leave.

“This decision was gave to me uneasy, though, to tell you the truth, I was thinking to leave active football. I was bitter from what’s going on in the Armenian football. We only like foreign players, there is no fundamental opposition. Between the Armenian and foreign players put a difference, and not in favor of the first. I understand that I will not give a chance to compete with foreign players. In short, the Armenian football players and foreigners are at a disadvantage. I didn’t want a couple years just to go to training, so I decided to go with a clear conscience,” – said Manucharyan.

What he wants Manucharyan-coach

History knows many examples when the players continue to play until 36-37 years. Meanwhile, Manucharyan notes that the positive side of early retirement.

© Sputnik / Nina Zotina
The Player Of “Ural” Edgar Manucharyan

“Of course, I could still play, but I’m glad I left early. So I used to think about coaching. I will do everything that players have brought to the fore that they were the priority. Sure that distrust of the Armenian young men, breaks them psychologically. If we don’t miss players in the internal championship, then who will be in the team next year?” – asks Manucharyan.

Edgar is sure to have a talent pool, you need to give domestic players more playing time. As a coach, he would like to see on the field more players. Yes, they can suffer a few defeats, but then will qualify for places in the national team.

A fateful decision

In 2003 Manucharian watched some of Europe’s top clubs – Chelsea, Bordeaux (in which Edgar participated in the tournament and became the top scorer), Marseille. As a result, in 2005, the Armenian football player was at Ajax.

“I was young, didn’t understand much. For me, “Ajax” was the usual club, meanwhile, everything should be taken seriously. I didn’t realize anywhere. If, then, I thought so, as it is now, probably would have passed from Ajax, the football of the forge, the other the Grand club. Could play in the Netherlands, in other clubs, I had a lot of suggestions. But in 2010 I decided to return to Armenia, and this decision became for me fatal. It was a mistake. But then I unsuccessfully played the “Ural”, but if I had stayed in Holland, my career would have been different,” said Manucharyan.

Note that after the fantastic start in football, however was not able to show all their abilities and qualities on the field because of frequent injuries. Those who remember the game Edgar in 2003-2006, can’t understand why the “Golden boy” and failed to win on the soccer of heights. He Manucharyan believes that he as a footballer has managed to realize themselves by only 30%. Maybe he will be able to show his football talent as a coach. At least it is adjusted seriously and, by his own admission, intends to work hard to become a good specialist and the national team.

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