Olympics-80: what happened to Moscow during the Games?

Chewing gum, fizzy drinks in cans and processed cheese lying on the shelves without causing much interest. And during the Olympics-80 for Soviet citizens it was a Prodigy.

One of the athletes brought a lot of drink Fanta because there was a shortage of everything, but during the Olympic games, the country could not strike in a dirt the person. And in Moscow began to import food – sausage, cheese slices and jams. Deliveries are made mostly from Finland, but there was also local production.

For example, gum was the Soviet production, so chew a lot, lean.

Much of the Soviet Union then just never tried. And suddenly it all appeared in the capital’s shelves, but also quickly and disappeared.

But in the Olympic village was fed from the heart – salmon with lemon or bean soup in Arabic. Sturgeon sauce was served to the Olympians as a special dish, and for dessert, caramel apples.

The games were built and renovated, 78 objects. For example, there is the sports Palace on Prospekt Mira, an Olympic pool, cycle track in Krylatskoye, but for this we had to demolish whole quarters of old Moscow – 7412 old houses went under the bucket.

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