“A spoon of honey in a barrel of tar”: Alexei Yagudin showed a gift from “Gladiator”

YEREVAN, Aug 4 – Sputnik. Winner at the 2002 Olympics in men’s figure skating, figure skater Alexei Yagudin showed his followers what gift he received from actor Russell Crowe, who played a major role in the film “Gladiator”. A photo with the gift he posted on his Instagram.

“A spoon of honey in a barrel of tar. A gift from Russell Crowe at the end of my worst season of 2000/2001. Proizvola “Gladiator”, – signed photo with Yagudin.

In 2001, the Hollywood actor left his autograph on photos from the filming and gave it to Yagudin. In that season skater was made with an arbitrary program “Gladiator”.

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