The future of the national team of Armenia told how he contracted COVID-19

YEREVAN, August 6 – Sputnik. Midfielder “Rostov” Horen of Bayramian ill with the coronavirus that has infected mother. About this player said in an interview on the YouTube channel Nobel.

“Once started, withdrawal, March 15, or when we have it started in Russia, we decided that my parents will move in with me. And we all lived together. It’s not that I went to visit and broke something, no. Just don’t know how, but they caught my mother first. She went to the store or something, well, you know. We didn’t have such a strict regime in Russia. She complied, I mean masks, gloves, all of it. As soon as she felt the first symptoms, there scratchy throat, something she and my dad moved into his apartment. We stayed with his family,” said Bairamian.

Two days later, when the players of “Rostov” was output, Bairamian manifested symptoms of the disease. The player reported this to the club, then stayed at home in isolation.

The player “Rostov” Bairamian will play for the national team of Armenia on football – FFA>>

“I have already felt the evening temperature. That’s all. I told the club. They said stay home, don’t go anywhere. So,” — said Bairamian.

Earlier, the football Federation of said that the player agreed that he will play for the national team.

Khoren of Bayramian was born 2 January 1992 in the village of Koti in Armenia’s Tavush region. Played for the Russian clubs “Rotor”, “Volgar”, “ruby”. Plays for “Rostov” from 2019, before that, was part of the same club in 2011-2013, 2015-2018.

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