What’s happening in is a tragedy. Without a real ceasefire, a lot of suffering will continue, Reddit and Initialized Capita co-founder Alexi Ohanian aid in a call to American and German leaders.

“I call upon my government here in the United States to stand up to dictators in Azerbaijan and Turkey and rebuke these attacks on , issue sanctions, and call for an immediate ceasefire,” Ohanian said.

“It’s now been weeks and absolutely no word from the United States, the country that welcomed my Armenian forebearers, who were survivors of genocide,” he added.

Alexis Ohanian, who holds a German citizenship, as well, appealed to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Right now the world needs a leadership that is ready to oppose ethnic cleansing. It is necessary that Merkel disapprove of the current events – with the greatest possible emphasis – and calls on Turkey and Azerbaijan to agree to a ceasefire,” he said.

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