Today is Asbarez’s 112th Anniversary

Asbarez turns 112 years old.

One hundred and twelve years ago today, August 14, 1908, the first issue of Asbarez rolled off the presses, ushering in a tradition that until today remains true to the newspaper’s simple, yet profound mission—to become an arena (Asbarez) for the community and to build a bridge between the homeland and the Diaspora.

We thank you for your unwavering confidence in Asbarez. You, our readers, along with our community organizations and institutions, as well as our sponsors, advertisers and supporters are part of the diverse landscape that compels us to do better every day and advance our mission.

Since our last anniversary, we have all experienced—and Asbarez has covered—the global and national tectonic shifts that have come to define our every-day reality. The coronavirus pandemic this year has brought with it challenges—both personal and economic. Just in the past several weeks we have not only seen the escalation of Azerbaijan’s aggression against ’s national security, but have witnessed a tragedy, and an escalation an already fraught crisis, when a massive explosion rocked Beirut and with it our community in Lebanon.

The challenges brought on by COVID-19 forced Asbarez to make difficult decisions based on public health and economic considerations. While during the initial weeks of the pandemic we paused our print publication, we quickly resumed it, albeit in an abridged manner, always with the intention to return to our daily routine. Never during this time, however, did we falter in our commitment to our readers and ensured that accurate news coverage, in-depth analysis and service to our community continued unabated. For this, we have to thank the dedicated Asbarez staff.

Since our centennial in 2008, it has become an anticipated tradition to mark our anniversary with you by asking for a symbolic birthday gift. However, our National priorities—helping the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Armenia and and coming to the aid of compatriots in Lebanon—take precedence and require that we unite and collectively address the needs of our Nation.

You remain the backbone of our success and we are here to continue to inform and engage you through our website, print publication, email newsletters and social media platforms, while expanding the arena—Asbarez. We welcome you to join us.

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