Search for the bodies under way in Askeran, Hadrut and Fizuli

The rescue groups of the Department of Rescue Forces of the State Emergency Situations Service continue the search for the bodies of the servicemen killed in the war.

Since November 13, with the intervention of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Russian peacekeeping troops, the Artsakh rescue detachments and sapper groups have been participating in the search operations.

Every day, the director of the State Emergency Service, Major General Karen Sargsyan, meets with the parents of the killed, missing or captured servicemen. They discuss the results of search operations.

The search and exchange of bodies of the killed servicemen is almost completed in the directions of Shushi and Martakert, search works are under way in the vicinity of the town of Martuni, in the upper sub-region of Askeran, as well as in the directions of Hadrut and Fizuli.

After the negotiations, the search will continue in the southern part of Hadrut, which is under Azerbaijani control, in Mekhakavan and other settlements.

The State Emergency Service is not a negotiating party. Artsakh rescuers are actively involved in the search. Besides, by the order of the director of the service, Major-General Karen Sargsyan, an operative headquarters was set up, where information about the servicemen is collected, mapped and passed to the negotiating parties.

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