Two Il-76 military transport aircrafts Il-76 headed for Nagorno today with doctors of the Eastern Military District on board, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

“The first two Il-76 aircrafts, transferring a special-purpose medical detachment of the Eastern Military District to the mission area in Nagorno-Karabakh, took off from the Khabarovsk-Novy airport,” the Ministry said.

In total, 122 servicemen, 54 units of automobile and special equipment, 66 tons of medical supplies will be transferred to Nagorno-Karabakh, the Defense Ministry noted.

Military medics are sent to provide medical care to Russian peacekeepers and the local population. “The detachment includes doctors, middle and junior medical personnel, who will be ready to provide high-quality and specialized medical care,” the department explained.

Earlier, the unit made a march from the point of permanent deployment to the Khabarovsk-Novy airport.

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