Prosperous Armenia Party leader: We will hold big rally

Prosperous Armenia Party leader: We will hold big rally

Ahead of the upcoming session of the parliament, we are starting a series of meetings with the representatives of the party’s regional structures. Gagik Tsarukyan—chairman of the opposition Prosperous Party (PAP), MP, and business tycoon—wrote about this on his Facebook page, and posted a video where he meets with the party’s members in Kotayk Province.

Addressing those present, Tsarukyan said: “(…). Today there is no problem that has no solution; it is only necessary to master the problems and resolve them according to the capacity of our state. (…). As of today, I am starting the meetings all over the republic with the PAP persons in charge.”

He stated that since many people do not work and are not able to pay the students’ tuition fees due to the current state of emergency in Armenia—because of the COVID-19 situation in the country, the state should take a step and subsidize them.

The PAP leader noted that the surveys conducted by their youth organization have revealed that 90% of the society is against the changes in the education system in Armenia. “We will collect signatures, organize a big rally, too,” he added, in particular.

Gagik Tsarukyan pledged to also raise the issue of students who have not been accepted to any universities in Armenia despite scoring high marks in their university entrance exams.

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