Pan-Armenian Council Calls to Rally Behind Displaced Artsakh Armenians

Pan-Armenian Council of Western United States

We are all devastated with the outcome of the Artsakh War, which over the last 45 days took the lives of our heroic soldiers on the frontlines. Our valiant soldiers and civilian compatriots were ultimately faced with insurmountable forces from the genocidal Azerbaijani-Turkish front. Now, we, like you, are concerned about the details of the agreement that was signed between , Azerbaijan and Russia and what this will mean for the future of Armenia and Artsakh–and the entire Armenian Nation.

However, taking into consideration the tense situation in the Homeland, the war and its aftermath, the present economic turmoil, the ongoing devastation of the pandemic and the crisis facing our displaced compatriots, we call on all in the Diaspora–regardless of their political views or affiliations–in honor of our martyred heroes and our wounded, to continue to stand by and support Armenia and Artsakh and contribute to the strengthening of our Homeland.

Let us unite in peace, solidarity, and harmony, to render our gratitude to all who have served and due respect for all mothers, widows, sisters and families who are in mourning.


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