Ombudsman: Free movement on Armenia-Iran road paralyzed

August 27, 2021 – 13:05 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – The blocking of an interstate road in ’s Syunik province is a crime planned by the Azerbaijani authorities in advance against the entire civilian population of Armenia, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan said in a statement on Thursday, August 27.

According to him, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan committed the crime on the basis of a provocation they invented earlier. The Human Rights Defender stressed that the free movement on the Armenia-Iran road has been paralyzed.

“As a result, the villages of Goris community – Vorotan, Shurnukh, Bardzravan – as well as part of the village of Nor Arajadzor of the Kapan community were almost completely cut off from other settlements in Armenia. In these villages, there are serious restrictions on access to food, essential goods, and medical services. People are faced with a real threat of a humanitarian crisis,” Tatoyan said.

“The free movement of the civilian population (including children, women, the elderly) is severely restricted due to the criminal acts of the Azerbaijani military personnel.”

According to the Ombudsman, the Azerbaijani authorities bear direct responsibility for the situation that has violated the safety of the people, their peaceful life and peace, led to tension among the society. He also urged the Armenian government to act on the principle “every minute counts” and use all international mechanisms purposefully.

The National Security Service confirmed on Thursday that the Armenian side is working to restore traffic on Karmrakar-Shurnukh section of the Kapan-Goris highway blocked by the Azerbaijani side since Wednesday evening. Tatoyan revealed later in the day that the Azerbaijani military has blocked another section of an interstate road in the same area.

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