The Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center will soon be equipped with a state of the art German / Dutch gait and prosthetics laboratory for the treatment of the brave young men who heroically put their lives on the line for us all.

The center currently houses 120 soldiers receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the war. The new laboratory will provide both upper and lower limb functional prosthetics. The 360degree 3D gait analysis laboratory will increase the functionality of the center by providing in depth analysis of the specific needs of patients while the prosthetics lab will create customized state of the art prosthetics for each patient. The project will also have a training component where doctors and prosthetics experts from will take part in training programs in Europe to ensure a higher quality of care for the patients of the rehabilitation center.  

New prosthetics laboratory for the Homeland Defenders’ Rehabilitation CenterNew prosthetics laboratory for the Homeland Defenders’ Rehabilitation Center

“This is the first such prosthetics lab in Armenia and it will allow us to provide the type of state of the art prosthetics which will not only maximize the functionality of each patient but more importantly avoid any additional complications and surgeries. We are grateful to all who supported this crucial project through the Hayastan All Armenian Fund.” said Haykuhi Minasyan, Director of the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center

This joint venture is made possible with financing of the Armenian community in the Netherland and the Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s partner Vereniging Armeniëfonds Nederland as part of the We Are Our Borders fundraising campaign.

The treatment and care of our injured young men is of paramount importance to the Fund as well as the Armenian nation and this is the first in a long line of project developed to ensure the sacrificed made by our soldiers in defense of our homeland is valued and their physical needs taken care of. A number of initiates are currently in development to support both soldiers and their families.

It is our duty, as Armenians from every corner of the world, to show our appreciation for the incredible sacrifices made by these brave young men, and we will continue to support them and ensure their injuries do not result in a decrease in their quality of life.

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