Man arrested after stabbing 3 people during Defend Armenia rally in Fresno

A rally in support of in north Fresno started peacefully but ended with three people taken to a hospital with stab wounds, reports.

Fresno police have arrested the suspect who stabbed three people during the ‘Defend Armenia’ demonstration on Wednesday evening.

The stabbing happened at the intersection of Blackstone and Nees, where about 150 protesters blocked off the northbound lanes of Blackstone about 6:40 pm.

Police say several drivers were upset about traffic being blocked by the rally.

That’s when one agitated driver came out of his vehicle and had a verbal exchange with the protesters.

“He was cussing us out and threatening us that he is going to damage our cars and also kill us,” said Katarina Melikian, who was at the rally.

Police say he went back to his vehicle, pulled out a wooden stick and began swinging it violently at the protesters.

As demonstrators attempted to fend him off, he pulled out a knife and started slashing.

Stunned witnesses and other drivers watched and recorded the chaotic scene.

One of the victims was slashed in the arm, another in the chest, and a third’s finger was sliced. All three are young men between the ages of 18 and 26 and are going to be fine.

The suspect then allegedly drove off through the River Park Shopping Center, ramming into cars in his way.

“We don’t stand for hate at all. We stand against hate, we stand against racism,” said Sosi Dzhugarrian, one demonstrator.

Added Sona Danielyan, another demonstrator: “People are going to pay more attention to this than what we are trying to bring awareness to, which is Armenia, so it makes us angry and mad, but we didn’t do anything violent back to him.”

Demonstrators say this won’t discourage their cause.

“We are not going to stop fighting for our country,” said Katarina Melikian.

Police say the suspect faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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