La Crescenta Church Remembers Fredrik Vartanian

Fredrik Vartanian

The Armenian Apostolic Church of Crescenta  Valley Educational Committee conveys its sincerest condolences to the family of Fredrik Vartanian, who passed away on Monday, December 7.

We are deeply mourning the loss of Vartanian, who ultimately dedicated himself to the betterment of the Armenian people. We had the fortuitous opportunity to work alongside Vartanian when he joined our committee.  At every meetings we appreciated the collaborative ideas that he would share with us. His presence will truly be missed. The memory that he has left with his loved ones and community is unforgettable.

Vartanian went above and beyond for the Armenian nation. In 2005, Vartanian co-founded the Ararat Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that serves to uphold the Armenian heritage in many dimensions. From humanitarian aid to establishing local educational programs, Vartanian supported the Armenian nation through his leadership as director of the organization. His love for the Homeland was demonstrated through his commitment to supporting our people. Through the Ararat Foundation, he spent most of his efforts in building community centers in , specially in Karvajar. During the war that broke out in September 27th, he focused his work on bringing relief aid to civilians and wounded soldiers through leading a fundraiser that would provide medical assistance, treatments, rehabilitation and supplies.

The Armenian Apostolic Church of Crescenta Valley Education Committee is grateful for the time we spent with Vartanian. His devotion to the Armenian Cause is truly inspiring.

May God rest his soul.

Crescenta Valley Armenian Apostolic Church
Educational Committee

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