The first batch of the humanitarian aid of the Armenian Community of Greece to and Nagorno- is expected to be delivered today. the Armenian National Committee of Greece reports.

The mission will include representatives of the Armenian National Committee of Greece, the Armenian Blue Cross of Greece and the Cross of Mercy of Macedonia – Thrace.

As part of the humanitarian aspect of its mission, the Directorate General of International Development Cooperation Department (YDAS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the request of Armenian Organisations in Greece (Armenian Relief Society, Armenian Blue Cross and Cross of Mercy Macedonia-Thrace), which, in cooperation with the Armenian Embassy in Athens, collected humanitarian aid for those impacted by the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.

With the invaluable assistance of the Ministry of National Defence, which provided a transport aircraft, this humanitarian aid, consisting of medical supplies and food for those affected and refugees, has been scheduled for transport to Armenia on Saturday, December 12th.

The actions in question are being coordinated by the Director General of Hellenic Aid, Mr G. Larissis, who will deliver the aid to representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations and the branch of the Armenian Relief Society in Armenia, as a gesture of support for and solidarity towards our suffering fellow human beings in the region.

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