Hrant Dink will be commemorated on the 14th year of his assassination’s on January 19th.

The commemoration that has been organized each year in Istanbul in front of Sebat Building, which used to house Agos Newspaper, will be broadcasted online this year due to the pandemic.

The online commemoration will start on January 19 at 14.45 (GMT+3).

The website will feature streaming about Hrant Dink throughout the day.  Both the speech of Rakel Dink from the site where her husband was assassinated and the commemoration speech made on behalf of the Friends of Hrant Dink will be broadcasted on the above mentioned website.

The 19th of January commemoration will be held online for this year only. Next year, Friends of Hrant Dink will continue being present at the assassination site in large numbers, will commemorate their friend and raise their voice to demand justice.

Hrant Dink, the editor in chief of Agos newspaper and an advocate of reconciliation between Turks and , was shot dead outside his office by then-teenager Ogün Samast who defines himself as Turkish nationalist. More than 100,000 people marched in the funeral procession for Dink.

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