Dzovinar Christian Education Building in Armenia Refurbished

Students at the Dzovinar Christian Education Center in Ghegharkounik Province

Dr. Neshan Tabibian and his son Dr. Hagop Tabibian, of Burbank, California, have made a donation of $35,000 to refurbish the Dzovinar Christian Education Building located in ’s Geghargunik Province. The building is used by more than 100 children daily who receive Christian education.

Father Kevork Ter Parseghyan, the parish priest in charge of this Christian Education Project started teaching the students in a home in Dzovinar. As the number of students grew the city gave the project a building that needed a great deal of repair to make it usable. Over the years parishioners of St. Paul Armenian church and other parishes in the United States helped to fund some improvements to the building and the play yard.

Dzovinar Christian Education Building in Armenia Refurbished

Doctors Neshan and Hagop Tabibian donated $35,000 to refurbish the facility

Dr. Neshan Tabibian visited Dzovinar and was very impressed with how the children were learning under difficult conditions and as a result he and his son decided to create a modern and safe environment for the children to learn in every day after school.

With the generous $35,000 contribution that the Tabibians made in the past year the project truly came to reality. The painting and repair of all floors and walls, windows, electrical, etc. quickly took place. Once that phase was completed, then desks, chairs, computers, bookcases and all other furniture needed to make the classrooms and meeting hall totally usable were placed in the building in their appropriate rooms.

Today, each day after school students from elementary to high school age gather to use the facilities to learn more about their Armenian Christian beliefs.

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