Doves are being projected onto the former building of the weekly Agos, where Hrant Dink was murdered, to commemorate the late journalist. The projection started on January 17 will continue until 6 p.m. January 19.

The prominent Armenian-Turkish journalist, was shot dead at the age of 52 in broad daylight by an ultranationalist outside his office in Istanbul’s Sisli district on Jan. 19, 2007.

Ogun Samast, then a 17-year-old jobless high-school dropout, confessed to the killing and was sentenced to almost 23 years in jail back in 2011.

The case grew into a wider scandal after it emerged that security forces had been aware of a plot to kill Dink but failed to act.

While crowds gather each year at the spot that Dink was killed to commemorate him, this year’s commemoration will be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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