Covid-19: Armenian health authorities urge to spend the New Year with family

Given the tense epidemic situation in the world due to the coronavirus, the Armenian Ministry of Health advises citizens to limit contacts, avoid crowded places and public events during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

According to the Ministry, the contacts during holidays risk increasing the spread of the coronavirus disease, as well as other acute respiratory viruses.

Therefore, the health authorities recommend to spend the New Year with family and refrain from receiving guests.

“Be sure to wear a mask, keep social distance, follow hand hygiene. If you have a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus at home, keep a distance of at least 1.5 m when communicating with the person and sure to wear a mask, do not receive guests,” the Ministry of Health notes.

It urges to refrain from self medication and contact the polyclinic doctor (therapist, pediatrician or family doctor) immediately in case of symptoms of acute respiratory disease (fever, cough, flu).

A number of countries have introduced new restrictions to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus disease during the New Year.

Germany will go into strict lockdown: shopping centers will be closed, the number of participants in home events will be limited, restaurants and other places of entertainment have already been closed.

Spain has limited the number of participants during the events to a maximum of six people.

People in risk groups and persons over the age of 65 will remain self-isolated in Moscow until January 15.

In Georgia restaurants and bars will provide only delivery services, public transport will not work in large cities, markets will be closed.

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