The observation mission of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly has not registered serious frauds during the voting in snap parliamentary elections, head of the mission Igor Komarovsky told TASS

“The [electoral process] is proceeding quite calmly, in a businesslike manner; observers from our mission have not revealed any significant shortcomings,” Komarovsky said.

’s are heading to polls to vote in snap parliamentary elections. 26.82% of voters (or 695,626 citizens) cast their ballot as of 2 pm.

A total of 2,593,572 citizens are eligible to vote in the election.

The voting started at 8 am today and will continue through 8 pm.

Twenty-five forces – 21 parties and 4 blocs are competing for seats in the National Assembly.

Nineteen local and eight international organizations observe the elections.

The preliminary results will be announced on June 21, at 8 pm.

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