Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artak Beglaryan participated today in a special sitting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Parliament dedicated to the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression.

The online meeting was chaired by Joël Voordewind, the Vice-president of the Committee and Foreign Policy Spokesman of the Christian Union Party. Members of the Parliament, representatives of different parties, as well as members of the parliament staff were present.

The session was opened by the Secretary of the Federation of Armenian Organizations, Inge Drost, who presented the consequences of the aggression, stressed the need to immediately stop Turkey and Azerbaijan, and impose sanctions.

Artsakh’s Ombudsman briefs Dutch MPs on Azerbaijani-Turkish aggressionArtsakh’s Ombudsman briefs Dutch MPs on Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression

Artak Beglaryan invited the attention of the participants to the humanitarian catastrophe, as well as, to the war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Ombudsman underlined that the international community has a duty to take practical measures to stop the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression, which has caused a serious humanitarian cdisaster in Artsakh.

Moreover, he said, it is within the duties of the international community to ensure human rights protection in all the corners of the world, including in Artsakh, regardless of international status.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Tigran Balayan delivered a speech on the reasons and consequences of the aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey.The participants of the session had the same opinion on an urgent ceasefire and on the necessity of bringing the war crime perpetrators to responsibility.

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