Artsakh ombudsman: Bodies of over 400 Armenian servicemen are already retrieved or exchanged

Within the framework of the online discussion organized by the Public Journalism Club, I presented the current situation regarding the prisoners and the missing, the things to do by the authorized bodies, the work done by the ombudsmen of the Republic and the Republic of Armenia, and the current problems. Artsakh (Nagorno-) ombudsman Artak Beglaryan noted this in a social media post.

He added as follows in particular:

“The main points of my speech were:

The authorized state bodies, first of all, the commissions of prisoners and missing persons of the MOD, are obliged to do their utmost to have the bodies of the fallen and the captives returned and to find out the fate of the missing.

The Human Rights Defender’s institution carries out a supporting function, and we do our best to collect data and assist the work of various bodies.

The Azerbaijani side deliberately and criminally delays the process, at the same time constantly publishing new videos attesting to the inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war and civilians, aiming to deepen the internal tension and suffering of the Armenian society.

The bodies of more than 400 Armenian servicemen have already been retrieved or exchanged from various places, including from Shushi, Martuni, Karmir Shuka, Mataghis, Vank village of Hadrut.

The authorized state authorities are obliged to conduct communication, as effectively and as transparently as possible, about the current work and results of the captives and the missing, and the whole society.

The relatives of the captives and the missing, other persons and the media should be careful when publishing information about them, so as not to abruptly harm the search and rescue operations for them.”

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