ARS Western U.S. Raises $50,000 for Lebanon

The injured from Tuesday’s blast flock to ARS centers around Beirut

As a result of the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, the Armenian Relief Society of Western USA has raised $50,000 among its chapters, members, and individual donors as part of the Armenian Relief Society, Inc.’s Emergency Appeal for Lebanon. The ARS Regional Executive Board has mobilized into action to collect additional donations for disaster relief efforts through this campaign. The destruction caused by the explosion has caused substantial deaths, thousands of injuries, structural damages, and has left hundreds of thousands homeless.

The severe impacts of this disastrous event have had an enormous impact on in Lebanon and abroad. The ARS Regional Executive Board calls upon its members and community to lend a helping hand to Lebanon, which has served as a home country to Armenians who sought refuge among the Diaspora.

ARS Western U.S. Raises $50,000 for Lebanon

The ARS centers around Beirut are a refuge for the community

Now more than ever, we collectively find it our responsibility and duty to offer the utmost moral and financial support to extend humanitarian aid and to help alleviate the challenges of our Lebanese Armenian compatriots.

Donations can be made online by marking Lebanon Disaster Aid. Checks payable to ARS can be mailed to the ARS Regional Headquarters, located at 517 W. Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202. Tel. (818) 500-1343

We ask that your heart lead you and you bring help where it is needed now in Lebanon. Your contribution, in any amount, will make a difference during this crisis and help those impacted by the tragic explosion.

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