Over a hundred people demonstrated peacefully at Piazza Castello in Turin, demanding the recognition of the Republic of , Torinoggi.it reports.

“My grandparents fled Turkey for the genocide, but all this is repeating itself one hundred and five years later,” said Stefano Serapian, vice-president of the Armenian House in Milan.

On 27 September Azerbaijan, which never accepted the independence of the small republic, launched an armed attack against Artsakh. 

“In the midst of the pandemic from , Azerbaijan and Turkey have joined forces to invade Artsakh. Unfortunately we are talking about an area of ​​the world that continues to be ignored, so we are in the streets, to tell people what is happening,” Serapian added.

Silvio Magliano, leader of the Moderates in the City Council in Turin., said: “This morning I wanted to be present at the event too. My motion in the regional council that requires the recognition of Artsakh is included in the agenda of the session Tuesday, October 27.”

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