The Armenian diaspora in Israel and dozens of Jews rallied in front of the building of the military corporation Elbit Systems, which produces weapons supplied to Azerbaijan, a protest action is taking place.

The protesters demanded to stop the supply of weapons to the Aliyev regime, which uses weapons against civilians, blogger Alexander Lapshin informs.

The rally was organized by the Union of the Armenian Communities in Israel

The blogger presents the translation of what the protester chanted:

-Azerbaijan is ruled by a dictatorial regime that occupies 168th place out of 180 possible in the world in terms of civil liberties.

-Azerbaijan is spreading Armenophobia and promoting intolerance towards national minorities.

-Azerbaijan uses Israeli weapons to strike at the peaceful civilian population in .

-Azerbaijan is an unreliable ally for Israel with its growing Islamic fundamentalism, and in the near future there will be a change of power there for a hostile one for Israel and the Jews.

-Thousands of saved Jews from the Nazis during World War II, while Israel not only fails to recognize the Armenian genocide, but also supplies weapons to Azerbaijan.

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