Robin the Robot developed by -based Expper Technologies is vying for Golden Kitti Award 2020.

The Armenian-made product has been shortlisted for the award along with Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, PlayStation 5, Apple Watch and others.

Voting is open on Producthunt.

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Robin is the first “emotionally intelligent” companion for children.

Developed by the Expper Technologies Robin is a friendly robot that expresses emotions and builds interactive dialogues with children.

By engaging them in play and peer-to-peer conversations, Robin reduces their feeling of loneliness and mitigates their stress during their hospital stay.

The purpose is to support children during medical treatment and alleviate their pain by creating positive experiences.

“Hospitalized children have certain emotional needs and I’m here to address them in a new, personalized way,” a post on the company’s website says on behalf of Robin.

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