Today the Human Rights Defender of has obtained two videos, as well as photo evidence illustrating Azerbaijani military’s inhumane, cruel treatment of Armenian prisoners of war.

In these videos members of Azerbaijani army humiliate prisoners of war at maximum and then brutally kill them with extreme cynicism. The behavior and speech of Azerbaijani army members are full of hatred.

The videos have been released from Azerbaijani sources today and have been widely spread, also by targeting children and elderly.

Afterwards, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry released a statement denying any relation to their military. Following this statement, Azerbaijani internet sources started to remove the videos.

The videos have been duly documented by the Office of the Human Rights Defender, being undeniable war crime evidence.

Experts of the Human Rights Defender’s Office have accurately identified location and time of Azerbaijani criminal activities. Videos have been translated and already incorporated as subtitles.

The above mentioned video and photo evidence will be sent to international bodies with necessary descriptions.

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