Armenian Cultural Foundation Delivers Assistance to Fallen and Wounded Soldiers’ Families

The Armenian Cultural Foundation delivered assistance to families of fallen and wounded soldiers, when a delegation visited earlier this month and toured the country, meeting families and extending the Western United States community’s gratitude for the soldiers’ supreme sacrifice for the Armenian Nation.

In January, the ACF kicked off a campaign to assist residents and families in , announcing an initial $100,000 donation to those who have lost their homes and livelihood as a result of Azerbaijan’s aggressive war unleashed last fall.

As was announced then, the donated funds were derived from contributions already made to the ACF by Armenian Revolutionary Federation members in the Western U.S., supporters and organizational benefactors who heeded the ARF Central Committee’s call when military actions ended in Artsakh and the devastating toll on the people of Artsakh, soldiers and their families was mounting.

From April 3 to 9, a delegation comprised of Harut Mekerdichian, Shahen Aghbabian, Garo Eshgian. George Ohanjanian and Joseph Mgrian arrived in Armenia and visited Proshyan, Bertashen, Etchimiadzin, Artashat, Hrazdan, Yerevan and its surrounding areas, and distributed $65,000 to the families of 55 wounded or fallen soldiers who took part in the war as part of the ARF battalion.

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The delegation also visited the offices of the “De-Occupation of Hadrut” Organization and transferred $10,000, which will be allocated to the needs of refugee and wounded families from Artsakh’s Hadrut region, as part of an ongoing project.

The delegation also paid a solemn visit to the Yerablur National Military Cemetery and on behalf of our organization in the Western U.S. laid a wreath in memory of martyrs. The same day they also did the same at the Proshyan pantheon.

The ACF announced that as part of this program it has donated $25,000 to the Armenian Educational Foundation to fund the reconstruction of schools in Artsakh.

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