Armenian athlete sets new Guinness records

Armenian athlete sets new Guinness records

Yuri Sakunts, who is an Armenian athlete involved in power triathlon masterling and hand-to-hand combat, world champion and has set a record in the Guinness Book of Records, set two new records at the statue of Warrior Andranik near Komitas Pantheon in today.

Sakunts performed the leaning-folding exercise with plates ten times, exceeding other athletes who have already set a record with that exercise. After that, he ripped 10 boxes of playing cards with his hands in his back.

Later, the athlete set another record that he hadn’t planned, leaning and folding 11 times on three bottles (another record-setting athlete had done this twice in the past).

“I’m dedicating one of these records to Armenian freedom fighters and Fedayins. I’m dedicating the second record to the boys and men who died and stayed alive during the battles in the Tavush Province of Armenia, and I’m dedicating the third record to my brothers,” Yuri Sakunts told Armenian

Freedom fighters, servicemen, as well as Major General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan (Commandos) had come to encourage the athlete.

“Back in the day, we defended our borders, and now young are defending the borders. Look at what happened in July. These young Armenians understand what victory means. They take pride in us, and we take pride in them. We want to tell our society that we exist and will exist and will always defend our country,” Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan said.

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