A sitting of the Military Industry Committee chaired by the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan took place in the government today. 

In his speech Pashinyan referred to the issue of development and improvement of the military-industrial complex.

“After the adoption of the law on the” Military-Industrial Complex”in in 2015, the military industry is one of the most discussed topics in our country. But, in fact, we can state that the results we have today are not at all satisfactory, because, unfortunately, we have not been able to form such systems so that we can state – the military-industrial complex in the Republic of Armenia has been sufficiently formed. We also need to summarize what happened in the previous period, to assess the shortcomings of the previous period and understand what realistic programs we can have in the field of military industry. The goal is that first, the complex be able to become the driving force of our country’s economy and industry, on the other hand, be able to meet our security needs in line with modern challenges”, said the Prime Minister.

During the meeting a discussion was held on the directions of development and what to do next in the conditions of the realities formed after the war.

Reforms of the education system and meeting the demand for specialists needed for the military-industrial complex were considered a priority.

The list of special research and experimental design works for 2020-2021 has been presented.

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