ARF Bureau Leader Meets with Artsakh President

ARF Bureau leader Armen Rustamyan (left) meets with President Arayik Harutyunyan on August 21

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan on Friday met with Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau President Armen Rustamyan, who is Artsakh for a series of consultations.

Issues discussed during the meeting included the urgency of assisting the Armenian community in Lebanon following the massive explosion in Beirut earlier this month, as well as the matters related to the security of the homeland and external challenges facing and Artsakh.

Rustamyan also briefed Harutyunyan on the progress made since last year’s “Armenia-Artsakh Strategic Agreement” forum held in Stepanakert. The Artsakh president assured the ARF leader that he will be following up on realizing that effort in the context of national and state interests.

Harutyunyan emphasized the important role the ARF has played in advancing national interests, especially as they related to the challenging role in Artsakh’s independence and the critical input in future accomplishments.

ARF Artsakh Central Committee chairman Davit Ishkhanyan also took part in the meeting with Harutyunyan.

Rustamyan is in Artsakh for consultations with several political leaders to discuss and reinvigorate the discussion emanating from last year’s forum.

Dozens of political, military and civil society experts gathered in Stepanakert in May 2019 to address the Armenia-Artsakh Strategic Treaty, an issue that has been discussed for several years, without fruition, and to emphasize the importance of drafting and signing such a document as a lever to advance the security of Armenia and Artsakh, as well as to further efforts to garner international recognition for the Artsakh Republic.

“Taking into consideration the new make-up of the Artsakh National Assembly, I have had meeting with leaders of political forces represented in parliament,” Rustamyan told the Aparaj newspaper, explaining that his meeting aim to reactivate the topic with the cooperation of the parties in parliament.

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