AEF Awards Over 600 Scholarships to Students in Armenia

Graduating scholarship recipients are presented certificates at AEF’s annual scholarship reception in

The Armenian Educational Foundation awarded more than 600 full tuition scholarships to students attending public universities in , Artsakh and Javakhk. Additionally, AEF provided full tuition scholarships to 11 graduate students attending American University of Armenia. This year, AEF has budgeted funds to support students from Lebanon studying in Armenia.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, AEF’s Yerevan Office received over 1,080 qualified scholarship applications. Scholarships are based on many factors, including financial need, students of a single parent, multi-children families, those studying outside of Yerevan (i.e. border villages), parents’ who have participated in the Artsakh war, veterans, volunteer work, academic achievements, etc.  Once the scholarship recipients are selected, AEF wire-transfers the tuition directly to the university on behalf of the student.

AEF also awards scholarships based on current employment demographics and trends. For example, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), are especially targeted. To help its students in getting well-paying jobs after graduation, AEF is providing funding to attend English and Information Technology (IT) classes at private training centers. In 2019, a survey of over 400 graduates found that 77% are employed and 9% are currently in graduate schools.
AEF scholarship recipient (2011-2013), Shushan Movsisyan shared, “Patriotism is not just loving a country and talking about it; patriotism requires action. AEF shows its love for Armenia by educating generations to build a stronger and better Armenia. Thank you for implementing all these programs. I am so proud to have been one of AEF’s scholarship recipients”

Scholarship recipients write thank you letters annually to their sponsors.  Furthermore, AEF encourages and facilitates scholarship sponsors to meet their sponsored student when visiting Armenia.

“It was such a pleasure for us to finally meet our AEF students in Yerevan. Their warm smiles and expressions of sincere gratitude truly made our trip to Armenia even more special. We were proud to learn about each of their academic accomplishments and how their individual areas of study have impacted their lives. Meeting the students makes us proud to be Armenian and gives us tremendous hope for a bright future for our homeland,” stated Dr. Katherine Panossian, AEF sponsor of five student scholarships.

One of the requirements to continue receiving the AEF scholarship is to volunteer and engage in community service.  AEF scholarship recipients help at orphanages, tutor students, assist the elderly and disadvantaged families, to name a few.  This year, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, AEF scholarship recipients delivered food & supplies to 1800 vulnerable families in various cities & villages in Armenia.

Since 1950, AEF has provided financial assistance to students and educational institutions in United States, Armenia and Middle East.

The Armenian Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 1950, with the aim to render financial assistance to Armenian educational institutions, and to provide financial assistance to students of Armenian parentage.

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