Activities of Hayastan All Armenian Fund aimed at mitigating the humanitarian crisis

Along with coordinating the “We Are Our Borders” global fundraising campaign and the delivery and distribution of over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, the Hayastan All Armenian Fund has been and continues to implement both short term critical and long-term strategic initiatives to meet the most urgent needs of the displaced population of , the Fund said in a statement.

In particular, it refers to the allocation of 300,000 AMD as a one-off payment to all families from over 100 settlements in Kashatagh, Martakert, Shahumyan, Hadrut, Shushi, Askeran and Martuni regions of Artsakh.

According to preliminary assessment, between 30,000-35,000 people will benefit from this initiative with a 10 billion AMD budget.

Tens of thousands of displaced individuals from Artsakh have received and continue to receive 68,000AMD or more per family member. Approximately 80,000 to 100,000 individuals from Artsakh will benefit from this initiative with a 10 billion AMD budget.

One of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s most urgent priorities is the reinforcement and strengthening of the healthcare sectors in both Artsakh and . A significant number of large-scale medical equipment and supplies (63,301,140 AMD), as well as 15 ambulances (201,390,000 AMD) have been provided to the healthcare sectors since September 27th 2020.

To get through the notoriously cold Artsakh winters, the Fund has, to date, provided electric and wood heaters, portable gas stoves to families in Artsakh, as well as 100 diesel generators, with more on the way on the way and to be delivered within a week, to deal with power outages in various communities.

The Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center will soon be equipped with a state-of-the-art German / Dutch gait and prosthetics laboratory for the treatment of the brave young men who heroically put their lives on the line for us all. The center currently houses 120 soldiers receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the war. This is an ongoing project and additional equipment and supplies will be provided to the Center in the near future.

7,500 displaced families from Artsakh will receive support packages as part of a joint project between the Hayastan All Armenian Fund and the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU).

The Fund will provide housing for 50 families from Shushi, who are currently facing eviction from hotels or temporary accommodation around Armenia.

The “Women’s Development Resource Center” Foundation operates several temporary shelters in Goris the 350 beneficiaries of which as mostly women, children and the elderly from Artsakh. The Fund will install central heating systems at these temporary shelters in Goris as well provide additional beds to increase capacity.

The Fund continues to meet with individuals, organization as well as large groups and NGOs, who have to date supported the displaced population of Artsakh, to map the most urgent needs and create opportunities for joint initiatives. The developed projects will focus on not only the physical needs of the families from Artsakh but also include initiatives in education, art, psychological support to both children and adults, long-term in-home care projects for wounded soldiers among many others.

These projects and initiatives are ongoing and subject to continuous deviations given the daily changing needs of the beneficiaries in a post war environment. Only by being united and responsive to these critical changes can we mitigate a potential humanitarian disaster.

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