70 Armenians from Greece willing to fight in Artsakh

About 70 people from Greece have been registered and intend to go to and fight, or contribute in other ways to the war effort against Azerbaijan’s invasion attempt, member of the Armenian National Committee of Greece, Hovik Kasapian has said, Greek City Times reports.

The list, which even includes women, has been sent to the Armenian embassy in Greece and they will decide whether such a mission will take place.

Speaking to Ethnos, Kasparian said many people call to ask how they can help by offering money and medical supplies.

“I hope the Armenian army completes its mission and the war ends now that we are talking. All those in the list have clearly expressed their intention to go to the area and help in any way they can, motivated by their love for the homeland. It’s not just frontline battles. There are also auxiliary forces, water supply assistance, watchtowers and other unarmed services,” he said.

does not ask and does not wait for fighters from Greece because no matter how ambitious and courageous someone is, he can be reckless if he is not educated. The Armenian embassy will decide whether such a mission will take place, but I believe that such a thing will not be requested,” said Kasapian.

Regarding the presence of Greeks in the relevant list, he said that there are some Greek names in it.

“I was personally called by a Pontian living in Greece who came from Armenia, who asked to go and fight in Artsakh. However, we do not want to put Greek foreign policy in adventures. The presence of Greeks in a war so far from its borders involves great risks and can be blamed on Greece. This is not a football match,” said Kasapian.

According to him, the mobilization of the Armenians diaspora – including the Armenians in Greece – is huge since the start of the crisis in Artsakh. It is noteworthy that so far about 150 million euros have been raised in just three weeks by Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, which has existed since 1993, and the fundraising continues. About 300,000 euros of this money came from Armenians in Greece, and also from Greeks.

At the same time, as Kasapian states, the moral support offered by the Armenian diaspora in Greece to the struggling people of Artsakh is enormous.

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