The doctors began the same results for bioprinting of human tissues: Armenia appeared on the world map 3D printing

YEREVAN, Aug 4 – Sputnik, Aram Gareginyan. A team of young doctors in Armenia have mastered the technology to grow human tissues with bioprinting. About this Sputnik Armenia described in the company FoldInk, where he successfully conducted such studies.

FoldInk founded several doctors and recent graduates of state medical University. They have designed and built a bio-printer, which receive samples of different tissues, including cartilage.

Last year the first samples grown tissue was sent for histological analysis, which showed that in the process of printing cartilage cells are not killed, but remained alive. Now researchers want to find out how long these tissues can survive in an incubator, where conditions approximated to the parameters of the human body. Yet tissues obtained the same results for bioprinting, test in vitro, i.e. in laboratory, not on living organisms. Worldwide clinical trials not yet conducted, but are actively exploring for them.

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However, now with high probability it can be assumed that tissue obtained the same results for bioprinting, will be compatible with the host organism, because it does not contain immunogenic agents, they do not have proteins or other compounds that our bodies perceive as foreign and will fight with them.

Such side effects, for example, often occur in transplant: the immune system of the host body is fighting against someone else’s heart or liver is exactly the same as against viruses, perceiving them as a foreign body.

“When bioprinting is no such problem, and this is its great advantage. Here are the special biomaterials that do not have an allergic or immunogenic activity” – highlights one of the founders of Emmanuel, Ghandilyan.

In order to transplant the printed authorities, need very long time to work, so I can’t keep up with the achievements of world science. At the same time, the achievements of a startup already noted by the world professional community. Specialized online magazine has included in the world map 3D bioprinting–a, putting FoldInk.

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Note, in the startup, students, alumni and residents of the Yerevan medical University, as well as engineers, 3D designers, and even marketers (future market transplant printed fabrics here too closely).

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