The owner of beach White Shorja from the press learned that its territory was used for business

YEREVAN, August 5 – Sputnik, Nelly Danielyan. The owner of the recreation area “Chorges White” (White Shorja) in Sevan, architect Ruben Chakhmakhchyan in media have learned that some people have carried out illegal activities belonging to its territory. Chakhmakhchyan became aware of this only after the Minister of the environment announced the suspension of this activity.

“I don’t want to delve into political issues: whose is the object and who is this person. But you have the impression that this man, growing your business, certainly want someone something to take away. Said that has now stopped such lawlessness. Faint hope it was. The Minister, in fact, made the decision to stop such illegal construction,” – said the architect in a telephone conversation with the correspondent Sputnik Armenia, not hides joy.

We will remind, on August 3, the new head of the Ministry of environment of Armenia, Romanos Petrosyan ordered as soon as possible to close the Shorja White beach on the coast of lake Sevan, and installed on site to dismantle the pavilions. The Minister also said that an economic entity does not have any legal status with respect to this site.

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As for the rumors that the illegal business was owned by the MP from the parliamentary faction of the “My step” Hayk Sargsyan, the owner of the site Chakhmakhchyan noted that never knew him and did not support business relationships.

“As far as I know, Hayk Sargsyan same age as me was not in Armenia. So I had no reason to communicate with him,” he joked.

The idea of opening a rest zone on Sevan coast arose the architect and his two friends about 20 years ago. According to Chakhmakhchyan, the lease with the national Park “Sevan” was previously issued on the name of one of his friends. And in 2008, Ruben Chakhmakhchyan were transferred to 3.5 hectares of the territory on the rights of the lease 5 acres on property rights by donation. Another 5 hectares in the ownership rights acquired by his close friend and business partner, with whom they planned to build a recreation area.

“We had already done quite a lot of work in this area and planned to begin construction. But, unfortunately, prevented a default,” said Chakhmakhchyan, implying the global economic crisis of 2009.

The project of building the Sevan coast in Chorges is today; the territory owners even name decided – “Zartonk”. Now they are waiting for favourable economic situation to implement it.

Ruben Chakhmakhchyan noted that he had no claims to the Armenian authorities and the national Park, although the illegal exploitation of the territory caused some damage.

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“I was told that the beach was filled with sand, landscaped shore. But this sand was from my own territory. That is, the site is simply ruined. If I build cottages there, I’ll have to do it far from shore, in the upper part, and sand from there they moved to the shore. The territory that was the subject of a construction spoiled it,” said Chakhmakhchyan.

He introduced Sputnik Armenia the documents confirming its right to the territory, a certificate of ownership and agreement for the right to carry out construction.

We will remind that on 26 July on the beach “White Chorges” on lake Sevan held a solo concert Mountain Sujana. After the concert was organized by the party, video and photo that hit the net, they lit up a member of the parliamentary faction of “My step” Hayk Sargsyan.

He was without a mask, for which he was later fined. Sarkisyan said that taking off the mask just for a minute.

According to media reports, this beach belongs to him or he has something relevant to this site, but Sarkisian denied it.

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