In Yerevan, a man killed his sister with cruelty – SSS presented the details of the case

YEREVAN, 7 August – Sputnik. Investigation service of Armenia has published new details on the murder with special cruelty that took place in .

August 1 around 6 PM, the police on duty on the streets of chorene, noticed a suspicious man. Approaching him, they noticed that in his hand a plastic bag, and in it a human head.

It turned out that 58-year-old man about six months living at my sister’s house while under her care. August 1, around 16:30, he picked up the mixer and went into the bedroom the sisters sitting behind the computer. At first the man tried to strangle woman conductor on the mixer. She fell to the floor, but the monster noticed that she was still breathing. Then the man cut off her head with a piece of sharpened iron.

The body of the sister he left in place, and I put the head in a plastic bag, took her documents, including documents in the apartment and left.

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For murder with special cruelty the man already charged. He has been arrested.

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