Murder on the territory of the plant “Bionic” in Laurie, a body guard found his wife

YEREVAN, Aug 4 – Sputnik. The body of 68-year-old man was found on the territory of the plant “Bionik producing concrete blocks in Darpas village of Lori region of Armenia, the website of the criminal chronicle

On 3 August at about 23:00 from the station “first aid” in Vanadzor, the police received a report that a team of doctors went to the village of Darpas, where was found the body of a man.

Law enforcement agencies found that the body is in the territory of one of the local factories and belongs to Ashot a And found wife Anahit E.

External examination from the medical examiner revealed that the deceased injury in the head.

According to preliminary reports, the man worked at the company as a security guard.

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