Employees of Armenian police carried out a search of the construction company M-Group

YEREVAN, August 5 – Sputnik. The staff of Management on fight against organized crime of the Armenian police carry out investigative actions in the office M-Group provides construction services.

According to the lawyer of the company of Amram Makinana, he does not know within what is searched. It and Director of the organization invited in half an hour after the start of the investigation. The police came in and demanded an accounting and other documents.

“About an hour, they are already performing some action. The police just have to say that he does what he wants. This lawlessness,” – said Makinen.

Then he for 15 minutes went to the office where a search was carried out. When he returned, Makinen stated that he was not allowed to read the Protocol on the acts committed before their arrival.

“I will not participate in this circus. We are not observers. Listen to their cries is a method of law enforcement”, – said the lawyer.

Now law enforcement officials continue their work.

M-group is a group of companies that provides multidisciplinary engineering work. The company develops its activity in , Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.

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