Flights from Moscow to Yerevan and Gyumri: Armenia’s Embassy in Russia has submitted details

YEREVAN, August 5 – Sputnik. Embassy of Armenia in Russia has submitted a list of the nearest flights from Moscow to Yerevan and .
It is noted that the next flight from Moscow airport “Domodedovo”, is scheduled for August 8 6 am. It will carry the Red Wings airline.

10 Aug at 11:00 a.m. and 12 August at 13:50 scheduled flight from Moscow to Gyumri from the same airport, which will realize the airline Nord Star.

This same airline will carry out flight Moscow-Yerevan on 11 August, 16:30, August 12, at 9:00, August 13 B11։00, August 14 at 10։00, 15 August at 17։15.

The Embassy reported that tickets for these flights can be purchased at the airport “Domodedovo” from 6 Aug. Ticket price 14 00 7 thousand rubles (196 dollars). On all questions, connected with flights are advised to contact the airline.

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