An assassination attempt in prison: a criminal case against an inmate of the prison “Artik”

YEREVAN, August 5 – Sputnik. The investigative Committee of Armenia opened a criminal case against the convict penal institution Artik, attacked employees of the institution, on charges of attempted murder. About it reports a press-service SK.

On the basis of information obtained in the course of the investigation against the convicted person was prosecuted under paragraphs 1 and 13 of part 2 of article 34-104 (attempted murder) of the criminal code of .

The incident occurred on 21 July at 20:30 in the evening in penitentiary institutions “Artik”. Two guards opened the door of the cooler to transfer the prisoner bedding. At this point he hit one of them with a razor.

The second guard, in an attempt to defuse the prisoner tried to grab his razor. The prisoner inflicted the cuts on the face and neck. Then with the same razor the prisoner hurt himself.

Preliminary investigation continues. Taken measures to clarify all circumstances of the incident, to ensure objective, complete and comprehensive investigation.

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