Singer Anivar showed, who left a career

Popular Russian singer and blogger Ani Vardanyan, acting under the pseudonym Anivar, posted to her Instagram page, beautiful picture, where she poses with the grown son Ivan.

The girl laughing merrily, looking at the boy, and the child looking at the camera. Your positive post it is signed with a quote from the Psalter: “I will Love thee, o Lord, my strength! The Lord is my rock, and my refuge, my deliverer, my God is my rock; in Him I trust; my shield, horn of my salvation and refuge”.

Response fans the long wait was not necessary. In just a few hours the post was “talikala”, about 70 thousand times. And someone from podeschi said: “the Most beautiful mother in the world. I love you.”

Recently pop singer greatly saddened by the fans, announcing that leaves career to spend more time with family. Despite the sincere and convincing words of the girl, she still wanted to see on stage. And even though Ani and wrote that her husband supports her in all endeavors, many felt that the decision of the girl are dictated by a “husband-tyrant.”

But in fact the opposite is true: Ani really enjoys motherhood and the role of the wife. It is often encouraged followers family snapshots. So, today, in addition to photos with her son, she posted on her account are the husband, touching congratulating him on his birthday and sincerely confessing her love for him.

“Happy birthday, my love. You’re my gift. Sincere, honest and the kindest. Stay always like this. You’re real, this is the most important. Endlessly love you,” wrote a young Armenian.

Ani Vardanyan singer of the hits “Falling star”, “Empty souls”, “stopped Loving”, “You are my Paradise”, “Steals”. The first steps to popularity she did in 2014 – the girl began to put on his page Vkontakte cover versions of songs by famous performers (Timothy, Yegor creed, Polina Gagarina, L’one, Boombox, Jah Khalib), who liked not only her friends, but also unknown users.

In October 2017, Ani Vardanyan is married to a young man by the name of Karen. A year later the couple had a son.

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