“He represented our archaeology” from COVID died one of the discoverers of the oldest wineries

YEREVAN, Aug 3 – Sputnik. Died one of the most famous archeologists of Grigor Areshyan. Information about this confirmed Sputnik Armenia Director of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia Pavel Avetisyan. Arasan died at age 71 from a coronavirus.

Arasan was born in a family of scientists. In 1991-92 he was invited to the civil service, was the Prime Minister of Armenia (the position that existed prior to 1995).

Later went to the USA where he taught at the universities of Chicago and Los Angeles (UCLA). Arasan was one of the leaders of the excavations in the cave Areni-1, where is found the oldest shoes in the world and the winery.

“I can now speak long, it’s hard to remember without emotion. Soon we will prepare an obituary to tell about the achievements of this man. He was one of the founders of the archaeological research laboratory of the Yerevan state University, conducted excavations in Areni and a number of other places, regarding our ancient history. In addition, he spoke Russian, English and French, was published in the leading archaeological journals in the world. Many of the projects he started have yet to complete,” added Avetisyan.

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Note, the grandfather of Alesana Grigor, Grigor Areshian Sr., was one of the founders of the academic obstetrics and gynecology in Soviet Armenia. It is named after the obstetric clinic of the 1st hospital of Yerevan.

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