The story of a photograph: the former “Miss Armenia” remember filming with Michael Jackson

YEREVAN, 7 August – Sputnik. The winner of the title of “Miss 1998”, “Miss CIS 1999”, “Miss globe 2010” Gohar Harutyunyan has published on his page in Instagram pictures with king of pop Michael Jackson.

About how they worked together on Jackson’s shooting a commercial, Gohar told Sputnik Armenia.

“As it turned out, people don’t believe I starred in one commercial with Michael Jackson, although these pictures I have already published,” said she.

Offer to do a commercial Gohar Harutyunyan received in 2000 from three brothers living in the United States. From them took a lot of effort to convince Jackson to advertise their company MLS limousine.

Gohar was the first time leaving the United States for charity. According to her, Jackson chose it from several girls, he was a bit shy, because Gohar was taller.

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“Meeting with Jackson in 2000 was one of the happiest moments of my life. These two hours of filming, I always remember with excitement. The king of pop held my hand without a glove and kept saying that he liked my makeup,” recalls Gohar.

Harutyunyan admitted that thought back in the day when her eldest daughter Melina once said that is a fan of Michael Jackson.

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