Phenomenal memory and the Armenian “gene”: how 3-year-old Samvel Avagyan got into the Guinness Book of records

Laura Sargsyan, Armenia Sputnik

Memorize the capital of the 147 countries of the world, to quote the great poets, to sing the national anthem of Armenia and to understand the planets of the solar system. All of this – not an easy task even for an adult, but for a three-year old Armenian from is just an exciting game in the knowledge of the world.

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The area was listed in the “Book of heroes” (“Duchesnay”) is the Armenian equivalent of the Guinness book of records. The area has a phenomenal memory, but in the book he has got knowledge of the capitals of 147 countries in the three years.

As he said in an interview with Sputnik Armenia author Vardan Tovmasyan, Samvel quite seriously impressed. On the question of what caused it phenomenon, Tovmasyan replied briefly: “Armenian gene”.

Surprised in two years

Samvel was born 21 September 2016 in Yerevan in family of musicians. Father Serob Avagyan, working in the police band, performs dhol lessons at a music school. Mother, rose Vardanian, a soloist of the Church choir and also a member of the library. Isahakyan.

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The family is large, however, rose manages to work and children to deal with. The area has an older sister Camille. In an interview with Sputnik Armenia Vardanyan told that for the first time her son surprised a phenomenal memory in two years.

Once rose decided to teach daughter Camille prayer “our father” and the poem “Es im Anush Hayastani” (by Yeghishe Charents – ed.).

“A few days later Camilla recited a verse, but tripped on one word. Help arrived, how did not expect: tiny Samwell not only suggested a forgotten word, but also read out just three stanzas,” says rose.

Then she realized that the child has a good memory, and he’s a fast learner.

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A few months later, Rosa decided to teach the eldest daughter of country names, their capitals and flags. Rose didn’t want to draw Samvel and so close with the eldest daughter in the room so the younger ones would not hurt them. However, Samvel was crying and begged for a lesson, once and all stood outside the door for about 30 minutes. It turned out that during this time, baby, listening, learned the names of countries and capitals.

Then rose decided to draw lessons and son. As a result, in three years, Samvel knows the planets of the solar system, many poems and capital in 147 countries worldwide.

Sociable and independent

Rose describes her son as outgoing quiet boy with no complexes, able to start a conversation with any person.

The area also developed musical skills, which was handed down to him from his parents. Since two years he is a good dancer. The boy generally interested in all in a row, trying to reach a goal and learn everything possible.

“He is quite hardworking. We treat him not as a small child, but as an adult, with whom you can talk, to exchange ideas,” — said Vardanyan.

In kindergarten also behaves in an adult: easy to learn, independently eats, dresses, shoes. Among other things he likes to walk, draws, listens to Patriotic songs, watching Armenian movies, cartoons.

A always cleans, loves animals, and a patriot. The latter, he inherited from his grandfather, a hero of the war.

© Photo : Im Balik Studio / provided by Roza Vardanyan
Record book of heroes,” Samvel Avagyan

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