The ceremony, soldiers will be held in Armenia without parents

YEREVAN, August 5 — Sputnik. Oath ceremony of new recruits in Armeniadrafted into the army during the summer draft of the current year, will be without the traditional visits, meetings with parents etc. As have informed in the Ministry of defence, these restrictions are designed to insure soldiers against infection with a coronavirus.

“Having the purpose to prevent the penetration of infection into the armed forces, we inform parents of our soldiers that the ceremony of the military oath will be held only at the places of permanent deployment of military units. Will be excluded all the invitations, visits and receptions”, – stated in the message.

Defense Ministry asks to be sensitive to these timing constraints, which are used for the sole purpose of preserving the health of soldiers and ensure the normal operation of armed forces.

As of August 5, the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in increased to 39 586. Per day discovered 288 new cases of infection.

The number recovered from infection – 30 850. Are on treatment 7 738 people. The total number of tests – 170 012.

Note that in March introduced a state of emergency in Armenia extended until 12 August. In emergency prohibited assemblies and rallies. Mandatory mask mode. As for the army, here with the start of the pandemic was denied leave for military personnel and limited visits from civilians.

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