Armenian company received the license from NASA for release of the mechanical ventilation devices

YEREVAN, Aug 4 – Sputnik. Armenian company YEA ( Engineering Association) received a license from NASA to manufacture ventilators. This was reported on the website of the laboratory of NASA JPL.

To begin production, the company plans two to three months (this period not yet final).

News was shared and the Minister of high-tech industry of Hakob Arshakyan.

Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA has drafted the devices in April. Then was declared the international tender to select manufacturers. They must meet certain quality requirements. Of the 42 countries received more than 330 applications from which to choose 27.

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Note, in the team of the apparatus, at NASA, was also Armenian, and ten. Engineers have created a device so that it is possible were items from ordinary fans: this will make it easier and faster to find them if they need to be replaced.

These “handy” devices are designed for patients with less acute symptoms that would release “very medical” devices for the most critically ill patients. Detailed design of the device has not been disclosed.

Such devices will produce nine companies in the USA, three from Brazil, four from India and one from Armenia, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

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