Yerevan and Moscow to discuss deployment of Russian peacekeeping posts along Armenian-Azerbaijani border – Pashinyan

Yerevan and Moscow will discuss the issue of deployment of Russian peacekeeping posts all along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, ’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the government sitting today.

According to him, this will allow to carry out the delimitation and demarcation works without the risk of military escalation.

Pashinyan noted that under the mandate granted by the people the government is going to take all necessary measures to ensure security, stability and peace in the region.

The acting PM noted that with its actions Azerbaijan is attempting to disrupt any opportunity for dialogue, and keeps discrediting the November 9th and January 11th trilateral statements with its rhetoric and actions.

“In particular, irrespective of point 8 of the November 9th statement, Azerbaijan continues the scam trials of Armenian captives, sentencing them to long-term imprisonment,” the acting PM said. He drew attention to the fact that most of them were taken captive after November 9 in the zones of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers.

“If we combine this fact with the large-scale anti-propaganda Azerbaijan has been carrying out against the Russian peacekeepers and the fact that Azerbaijan is yet to sign the peacekeepers’ mandate, it becomes apparent that this is a series of actions against peacekeepers, i.e. peace and stability in Nagorno ,” Pashinyan stated.

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