Turkey unhappy with French Senate resolution calling for recognition of Nagorno Karabakh

Turkey has called the French senate resolution calling on the government to recognize the Republic of “biased and ridiculous.”

“The French Senate’s adoption of a resolution urging the government to recognize Nagorno- as an independent republic shows how biased France is toward the dispute,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry stated on Thursday, adding that the resolution is devoid of any reality.

It blamed the Senate of ignoring the basic principles of international law, legitimacy and rightfulness “for the sake of domestic considerations.”

The Ministry further stressed that the calls by the French Senate for Azerbaijan to withdraw from certain territories is “ridiculous, biased and devoid of any reality.”

“This decision, devoid of common sense and which cannot be justified with any sensible explanation, is limiting France’s chance to contribute to the solution of the issue in a real manner,” it added.

The French Senate voted 305 to 1 (with 30 abstentions) on Wednesday to adopt a resolution calling on the government to “recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and use this recognition as an instrument of negotiations for the establishment of a sustainable peace.” It also calls on the government to pursue a tougher European response toward Turkey, which has supported Azerbaijan in the conflict.

“We completely reject the unfounded claims on Turkey mentioned in the decision,” the ministry continued, adding that the reflection of a “Turkey obsession, which is seen quite often recently, is not surprising yet thought-provoking.”

“Turkey is ready to work with France as with other partners to provide a sustainable solution to the conflict which would also contribute to regional peace and stability,” it said.

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